Catch Up

I like to start each blog like I am writing a letter to a dear friend. That dear friend is you reader and I thought it high time for an update, a catch up if you will. It has been many years since my last blog and many years previous to that since I started writing at all. If you are new here I’d like to direct you to my old blog;

If you have no time to read back, allow me to summarise.

I began writing due to kidney failure. My younger mind thought others would appreciate hearing about my journey through sickness, surgery and beyond. I wrote for nearly three years and it became a book! Ha – okay I only said so for the shortest of seconds you’d think you were reading the works of an actual ‘Author’. Alas, no. Not yet anyway.

My blogs, long winded and full of puff, were bound up by my now-husband. Doubtless he thought binding up my works would woo me into submission. It worked. We’ve been married six years this year. Six years and three children. Three children the doctors said I may never have. Turns out God had other ideas in mind.

Oh no I mentioned God!! That’s right, I believe in God and more relevantly His son Jesus.

If you want to leave now that’s quite fine, we can part here as friends.

If, however, you’d like to stick around dear friend I’d like to get to the point of why I am writing in the first place. I thought, in my somewhat older mind, not too old mind! That I’d like to share where I am now on my journey.

I am a mother of three under five years – one just started school last year so I have begun what feels like a life sentence of tedium doing the ‘school run’. I am married to a pastor of a local church where I lead and serve. I work for the family business which after all these years still don’t fully understand what they do. The rest of the time I try and grow polite young children out of what sometimes feels like animals.

My kidney transplant was donated by my mother. Yes before you ask, birthdays are a quandary as no gift can ever compete with an organ but she seems happy with the gin. Kidney was gratefully received on the 8th July 2010. I got married in 2012 where an eager husband and wife entered the consultants room to be told that the chances of conceiving were very small and if by chance i did get pregnant it may not survive, nor would I be able to carry it. The new kidney was placed in the front right of my abdomen which understandably meant that each baby would be squeezed out by its current occupant.

God stepped in. Things are impossible with man but nothing is impossible with God. So we put our situation humbly before Him and in less than what seemed like 5 minutes later (it was 3 months) we got pregnant with our first baby girl. Less than two years later came our boy and another two years after that came our second girl. Blessed beyond measure, I like to say. I say it everyday, usually after 7pm when they’re all in bed. Either way I know we were given an extraordinary gift in our children. One we never take for granted.

Kidney is in good shape and I go for check ups every four months, which, if you stick around I shall fill you in on. That and a whole load of nonsensical tips and hints on motherhood, faith, love, life and beyond. I really know nothing but I get asked about these things a lot so why not answer them in a fashion that can work for us all.

Until next time dear friend.

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