Reasons to donate your organs after you die

Because you donated a cardigan to charity once and it felt really good

Because you hate waste

Because you seek opportunities to hold doors open for the elderly

Because when you don’t have the kids in the car you park in a normal space not the parent-child space

Because your sister borrowed your favourite top once but you got over it

Because you watched the movie ‘Pay it forward’ and wanted to try it

Because you had a flat tyre and that man with the tie helped you

Because you stopped a child running into the road and they called you a hero

Because the teacher praised you for lending your pen once

Because you have a thing for Egyptian burials

Because you have a strong scientific curiosity

Because you begged the pizza delivery man to give you more tomato sauce for free and he did

Because you look delightful naked and you’d hope the NHS would appreciate that

Because you like giving gifts

Because you have a feeling you drink too much and may need a new liver soon

Because if a family member needed life saving tissue, blood or an organ today you would wish you could go back in time and make your friend sign up

Because you would not just save one life but up to eight!

Sign up today and tell your family you’d now like a hero’s funeral because you are one:

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