I love that in a world of uncertainty you can absolutely be certain that when you mix butter, flour, sugar and eggs together you will have made a cake. Even if you used questionable sugar from the back of the cupboard, you can still wash it down with a giant mug of tea and life is sweet again. I only ever have this same experience with gin.

You can’t be certain, for example that since your now three month old slept through her first night that she will continue this way. In fact so blissful were the two days sleep post second round of injections you almost, almost – minus the pain experienced for the little mite – wish they would give them injections every week. I know the terrible thoughts of a mother award goes to…me! But man for a 36 hour period there life was good.

The baby does okay, I’m probably being way to hard on her. It’s not her fault that her three older siblings sleep through the night every night and since her arrival we have been desperately pleading by her cot for the same thing to happen to her. The one night she did sleep from 11pm to 7am I didn’t sleep for fear she wasn’t actually sleeping but was in fact dead. I know more awards for me.

Since moving into the 12 week bracket a veil has been lifted. The baby bubble has been popped and we find ourselves amongst the debris still standing and not just surviving with our addition but thriving. Baby smiles, coo’s and interacts with me. She actually seems to like me which is always a win if you’re gonna spend a prolonged period of time with someone.

Time will inevitably move on and she will soon sleep through the night, as will I and as one genius wrote; ‘the days are long but the years are short’ so enjoy them.

( I added that last really important bit )

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