A note of thanks …

To my kids.

Isla. You were the one who introduced me to motherhood and blew my heart wide open.

Jack. You strengthened my faith, my patience and the elasticity of my eye bags.

Darcy. You brought out the juggler in me and reminded me how medicinal a belly laugh really is.

Hope. Named after what you gave us with your birth. You are a joy and our last hope of growing a decent human being.

To all of you,

Thank you for ignoring all the signs of mummy and daddy still being asleep in the morning. With no movement, no sound and no light on you still go ahead and light up the house with your excessive noise and why not? After all you are children and we adults should know better than to try and have a lie in on a Saturday.

Thank you for forgiving mummy when I make a hideous dinner that you hate like roast chicken and then try to make you believe it’s the same thing McDonald’s soaks in batter and serves up as ‘nuggets’.

Silly mummy.

Thank you for being the best of friends, playing together and looking out for each other even if it’s just for ten minute spells at a time before someone does something the other two don’t like and you all erupt like Vesuvius.

Thank you for letting me squeeze you until you beg me to stop.

Thank you for letting me still kiss you on the playground. In front of people.

Thank you for making our house a home.

Thank you for turning the love I have for your daddy into a full blown family affair.

Thank you for being on this great big adventure with us.

Thank you for loving the house of God as much as we do and for staying till last nearly every Sunday ’cause daddy just can’t stop talking love and truth into people.

Thank you for allowing us to turn Friday nights into movie nights because as much as you love to watch movies, me and daddy really just need the 1hour 34minute break.

But most of all thank you for being you and for loving a human like me and calling me Mummy.

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