On Wednesday’s I wear PJ’s

Wednesday is my childcare day.

I am still on maternity leave so I get to spend the entire day – alone – with my baby. Of course when I say ‘day’ I do mean in-between the school hours of 9am to 3pm.

I often forget I am on maternity leave. I officially go back in January and Christmas feels like its next week and although I’m ready for it, I’m also aware that January follows December and with the changing of the calendar so to is my next season ushered in and this will be my last ever maternity leave. My last chance to spend a day doing nothing but staring at my baby who by next year will no longer be a baby but turn into a toddler and time will keep marching on and I will be forever catching my breath wishing I’d spent the day in my pjs staring at my baby.

You see after each child was born I knew there would be another one to come and another maternity leave. More often than not the first thought on my mind after a positive pee-on-the-stick reading was, “Yay no work for 9 months!!” But this baby is the last. No more pee-on-a-stick joy and no more maternity leave and while I am more than happy to leave the stick peeing days behind me I will be sad that there will be no more precious, government given time to bond with my child.

But today marked a mental change of pace.

For a few months now, until today, I have felt guilty that I don’t do more on these days. I’ve felt perhaps I should be doing jobs. Catching up on cleaning, washing, ironing, the food shop bla bla bla. I’ve spent a few of these days doing these things, until today.

Today after I dropped off my toddler at Grandma’s I told myself; “I am on maternity leave!!” and I ignored every inclination to begin a list of jobs and we led there, she and I underneath the play-mat examining all the items one could wrap ones gums around and we had a great time. We even had a snuggle on the sofa to a naff Hallmark Christmas movie and one of us even fell asleep.

So from now on … until January, I will ignore every inclination to pick up a hover, put a wash on or clean a bathroom. On Wednesday’s I will wear pjs. (Preferably after the school run although I have been known to throw on some ‘athletic’ looking leggings all the while having my fluffy pyjama top on underneath my coat. People may think my bottom half is going to the gym. It isn’t. It’s going to sit on a sofa all day) Maternity leave heaven.

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